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GUI Gold Medal Qualifier

Dear Member,

In a year that has seen our club’s competition calendar all but cleared, I am pleased to announce that this weekend will see Grange Castle Mens Club hold our qualifying competition for the GUI Gold Medal championship. The competition will be held over two days, Saturday and Sunday, so if you are on the timesheet for both days, your first round will count as the qualifier score.The competition format will be in a Stableford.

There will be three players going through, one to represent each of the three categories 1,2, and 3.
The overall winner will represent his category, and the remaining two categories will be represented by that category’s winner.

This is a very prestigious event where our winners will go onto regional qualifying which will take place from 27th August to 2nd September and hopefully then on to the grand final on the Ryder Cup course at The K Club on Tuesday 8th October to compete for the Gold Medal.

Also, because we are rolling both Saturday and Sunday into one competition, there will be more prizes allocated. There will be the overall winners’ prize and three further prizes for their category, second, third, and fourth prize while the remaining two categories will have a winner, second, and third place prizes.

Can I wish one and all the very best of luck in qualifying and I know our winners will go on to represent the men’s club with pride.

Paul Naughton
Mens Competition Secretary


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